How We Accelerate Corporate Innovation

Most of our limited partners have had great success in traditional industries outside of technology: real estate, construction, food, and so on.  All of them know that mastering technology is fundamental to continuing their past success. They have invested in HOF to help them ride the technology wave, and not fall under it.

HOF Capital is backed by 70 leading multinational corporations and family offices across 21 countries and 5 continents.  Our limited partners are actively looking to buy from, invest in, and / or acquire early-stage technology companies.

We provide a suite of services to our limited partners and other large enterprises: we help you understand the latest technologies, their impact, and the opportunities they offer for advancing your digital strategies and creating competitive advantage.

  • Identify opportunities to add value.  We work with you to identify the biggest challenges you face for which the technology industry may offer solutions.  

  • Map the landscape.  We map all relevant early-stage companies in your core industries, as potential vendors, direct investments, and/or future competitors.    We combine our networks of top tier investors and entrepreneurs with our proprietary software to identify the most relevant early-stage companies. We vet these companies, and help you see the future of your industry through the lens of entrepreneurs.

  • Identify enterprise best practices.  We’ll assess your large enterprise peers to determine digital best practices in your space, and the best opportunities to differentiate and win competitive advantage.

  • Develop an innovation strategy.  We advise on different methods for working with the innovation economy, including but not limited to: recruiting Entrepreneurs in Residence; organizing internal innovation conferences; leveraging employees’ angel investing; and/or launching a corporate VC.

  • Targeted introductions.  We introduce enterprises to senior management at the most relevant early-stage companies.  This is not restricted to our portfolio. By the nature of the venture capital business, we only invest in 1 out of every 250 companies we assess, but we meet with many other companies that may be relevant to our backers.

  • Due diligence.  For some of our limited partners, we are effectively their outsourced corporate VC.  They send us investment opportunities they come across, and we report back with our assessment.  We can also invest on behalf of specific limited partners if all parties agree.

  • Design and implement pilots and new product launches.  We’ll figure out the parts of your organization where pilots are most likely to result in meaningful return on investment.

  • Organize custom events.  We’ll organize a live pitch event for your firm to assess solutions from a curated group of innovators with technology that meets your needs.

  • Launch new companies.  Does your firm own technologies which you think can best be monetized in an independent startup?  We partner with you to identify candidate technologies, set up an appropriate cap table, build a management team, raise capital, and launch the new business.  

  • Introduce M&A and direct investing opportunities.  Some of our backers specifically want to invest directly (not via HOF Capital) in the most relevant companies.  We make it happen.