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    Our Mission

    We invest in people, not companies.

    We believe in backing our portfolio company founders all the way from idea to IPO and beyond, enabling them to realize their full potential.

    We put founders first.

    We aim to be as helpful and responsive as possible to our portfolio company founders, providing them with timely assistance and valuable advice.

    We empathize with founders.

    Being founders ourselves, we appreciate the enormous difficulty of bringing a new and successful business into existence, so we strive to be the type of partner that we would also like to work with.

    We treat founders with integrity.

    We aspire to the highest standards of ethics and integrity, including being honest, transparent, and fair with our portfolio company founders regardless of the circumstances.

    We care about the mission.

    We are passionate about backing mission-driven founders and helping each of them build massively successful businesses that have outsized impacts on their global communities.

    We focus on the long term.

    We like to partner with founders who optimize for long-term success rather than short-term gain, empowering each of them to build enduring market-leading businesses that prosper for decades or even centuries.

    Investment Themes

    AI-Native Software

    Artificial intelligence will ultimately complement, enhance, and in some cases, replace human intelligence. In coming decades, the most valuable software products will be those whose form and function are built from the ground up to enable machine learning and automation.

    Next Generation Finance

    A new crop of technology-enabled financial services companies will emerge in coming years that will offer highly convenient, transparent, and fast services relative to incumbents. Many of these companies will also have unprecedented reach of distribution (including to previously unbanked populations) thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices.

    Breakout Consumer Platforms

    Innovative consumer applications and platforms with strong network effects will improve the lives of billions of people worldwide through compelling new user experiences and seamless connections to the global community.

    Genetics & Computational Biology

    The volume and quality of population-level genetic data will explode with improved genome sequencing. By combining this wealth of data with precision medicine and genome editing technologies, humankind will soon be able to more effectively treat (and in some cases, prevent) debilitating conditions such as hereditary cancers and autoimmune diseases, effecting better health outcomes for billions of people worldwide.

    Networks & Protocols

    New digital networks will enable new forms of commerce and communication, and ultimately serve as the foundation for massive, defensible businesses. Many of the most valuable networks will be enabled through fundamentally new protocols, such as those which enable decentralized exchange of data.

    Spatial Computing

    Augmented reality and virtual reality will expand the digital world from 2-dimensional digital screens into the 3-dimensional physical world, further enriching every aspect of our lives with more information and content. We envision a future with digital information and content seamlessly overlaid on the physical world, and new 3-dimensional digital worlds to be explored, limited only by the human imagination.

    Other Big Ideas

    Beyond the above themes, we always look to partner with founders who have bold, compelling visions for the future and are solving massive problems in novel, scalable ways using emerging transformational technologies.